The following comes from a message posted on the CCC by Heiko Mikala on September 14, 1998


Hi everybody !

During the last 2 weeks I played a small ;-) blitz tournament on my PC (Pentium 200 MMX, 64 MB ram), using Winboard 4.0.0 and five freely available engines.

The participants were:

Each participant had to play 20 games against each other engine, so 200 games were played.

All engines were configured to use 8 MB Hash tables, and ponderingwas disabled for all engines.

Final standings

1. WCrafty-15_18 78%
2. Comet-WB-A90 50%
3. ZChess 0.92 46%
4. Phalanx-XVI 45%
5. Goliath105 28%

Obviously, Crafty is still ahead of the pack, at least in blitz games.

Comet is second in this tournament, but ZChess and Phalanx are very close.

A few more games could change the order of places 2-4 easily...

Little Goliath finished on 5th and last place, but please don't forget, that Mr. Borgstaedt said in a post here on CCC, that version 1.05 had some bugs and that he was planning to release a new, bug-fixed version (which already happened

Except for Crafty, all the above mentioned engines are available in newer versions already, and I'm looking forward to testing them :-)

I also played some games in 60 minutes, which I'd like to mention:


ZChess vs Crafty 5 - 7
ZChess vs Comet 6 - 4
Goliath vs Crafty 1 - 6
Phalanx vs Crafty 1 - 8

As you can see, ZChess seems to be very strong at longer time controls!

And, to be fair, I should mention, that in the game against Crafty, the first 10 games were played with alternating colors, but the last two games were played with Crafty as white.

So normally there should be played two more games with ZChess as white... but I decided to stop testing version 0.92, because version 0.97 is already available, and I want to continue with the new version.

These results and many more can also be found at Dr. Vidanovic's Chess Homepage

at Take a look at it!

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this a little bit, greetings to all of you,