Franck ZIBI Computer Chess Page

During my free time , I make a PC chess program in C++: Pharaon, It finsihed second (out of 16) in the 6th French Computer Chess Championship

I have already done a Chess Program for the HP48 calculators family: HpChess 1.0.

Some interesting reading:

The Computer chess Trivia by Bill Wall.
The Anatomy of Chess Programs by T.A. Marsland.
An Introduction to Computer Chess by Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz.
An Introduction to Bitboards by Franck Zibi.

Some interesting links:

Winboard and Chess engines FAQ
What you have always wanted to know about the Winboard protocol

Frank's Chess Page
a lot of updates on the computer chess world.

CCC (Computer Chess Club).
An open forum for discussion on computer programming, programs and new ideas related to these. Moderated. Meet the famous programmers, ask for help, explanation, contribute. Highly recommended. Free subscription.

The Winboard Forum
Another forum for discussion on computer programming.



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